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Carriacou has much to offer


Fantastic nature treks and trails

Carriacou offers miles of nature trails - perfect for nature lovers! Explore Carriacou’s beautiful coastal walks, wooded trails & hills and discover stunning views and amazing wildlife.


Unspoiled coral reefs and great wrecks

Carriacou’s beauty continues under water - with over 30 dive sites and numerous snorkelling sites there is something here for all levels of diver and snorkeller!
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Carriacou events & culture

Dance with the carnival, get enchanted by Maroon, cheer at the regatta. Experience colourful Carriacou culture! Click here to visit the Grenada Tourist Information website to find out about events in Carriacou, Petit Martinique and Grenada.


Beaches & offshore cays

Sandy Island is one of the mot beautiful natural islands in this part of the Caribbean, Great for a family day out, a picnic or a snorkel trip. Carriacou is also a good starting point for trips to the Tobago Cays.


Fascinating Caribbean wildlife

On your walks around the island you will find a host of exotic birds, green iguanas and the stunning Grenadian redfooted toroise.



Enjoy a cold beer or a cocktail and watch Carriacou's amazing sunset.

Places to visit & things to see

Windward Boat Yard
Dover Ruins
Dumfries Historical Site
Amerindian Wall
La Pointe / SW tip of Carriacou

Carriacou Museum
Botanical Gardens
Old Sugar Mills
Belair National Park
High North Peak

Ningo Well
Canute Calliste Art Gallery
Sandy Island/Oyster Bed Marine Protected Area (SIOBMPA)

Getting to Carriacou


Osprey Ferry

Osprey Lines operate a daily ferry service between Grenada and Carriacou.



SVG Air operates multiple flights daily between Grenada and Carriacou.


Dolly C

The Dolly C operates a ferry & cargo service three times a week between Grenada and Carriacou.

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