English; though some local patois derived from French and African languages may be heard.

The eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$) is the official currency. It is tied to the US dollar at approx. us$1.00 = EC$2.67. US-Dollars are widely accepted.

Republic Bank and Cooperative Bank in Hillsborough will exchange money, cash Travelers' Cheques or allow you to get cash on your credit card.  Each bank also has an ATM.

International direct dial or credit card charged calls are available. You can purchase an IP card for internet access or there are several Internet Cafe's in Hillsborough.

The year round average is in the low to mid eighties (80-85F; 27-32C). The sea is always warm for swimming.

The dry season usually runs from January to May. The rainy season, or locally called “green season”, arrives in patches throughout the other months, though prolonged rain is unusual. Hurricanes can occur in the Caribbean between June and October, but are rare in the Grenadines.

220 volts/50 Hz. AC transformers/adapters may be needed to fit the British type 13 amp, 3 pin sockets.

Carriacou has a small hospital – call 443 7400 - a doctor is always available.  Advanced medical care is available on Grenada, Barbados and Martinique.

Light casual clothes are the norm.It should be remembered that swimsuits or brief beachwear worn around the town might offend local people.

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